FindBin makes PROOF crash

Dear experts,

in my code I have the following function:

double foo(double x, double y){
static TH2D *ssigpTa;
static bool init = false;

std::cout << “Initialising histogram” << std::endl;
Double_t xAxis1[402] = {0, 0.005, 0.015,…, 3.995, 4.04};
Double_t yAxis1[21] = {0, 0.1, 0.35, … , 50, 4000, 7070};

ssigpTa = new TH2D(“ssigpTa”,“ssigpTa”,401, xAxis1,20, yAxis1);


init = true;

return ssigpTa->Interpolate(x, y);

If I compile it with the C++ compiler and run it, all events (50k) in the sample are processed.
However, if I run it in PROOF, the execution of the code in the workers stops with a crash in the call to the TH2::Interpolate function after already having processed around 75% of the events (and having called foo(x,y) for several values of x and y). From some debugging it seems the problem raises in the FindBin call of the Interpolate method. I noticed that at just before the crash FindBin returned 1 instead of the correct bin, I wonder if it may be some memory corruption problem?



How do you run the code inside PROOF? Is it included in a TSelector?

G Ganis