Find zooming range in histogram

Dear Rooters!
Does anybody know of a nice elegant way to find the zooming range for a histogram like in the image I attached? I would like to zoom in around the peak, but have some other data in the lower range of the x-axis.
The only things that comes to my mind is, to do a Gauss-Fit around the maximum, omitting the lower range with the left-hand rubbish, and then use the Fit-Results to set the xaxis-range.
Any other hopefully simpler ideas? Maybe something with Get/SetMinimums I was thinking? But I can’t get my head around how to avoid the rubbish on the left side?

PS.: Root cvs-head on Kubuntu

I suggest TSpectrum::Search. See example in tutorial peaks.C
or peaks2.C for 2-dim peak finding.