Fill process

please if i have three variable in different position and each one fill in a ntuple
and each one in branch so i have three branch correspond to three variable.
Does i must Fill tree in the three different position after Fill ntuple or i can fill just in one position for one variable please if you can to explain the difference between the two ways
Thanks 8) 8) 8)

Whenever you call the “Fill” method, the current (“momentary”) values of all variables which belong to the “ntuple” / “tree” (and all its branches) will be saved (a new entry will be added to the “ntuple” / “tree”).

please that’s mean i can Fill in one position and all variable (at this position and in other position) will be saved and thier enteries will be added to tree without record any wrong in the programme.

thanks for your patience

Yes, the “FIll” will save all current (“momentary”) values of variables. It does not care whether they are right or wrong. You must make sure that you set correct values to all variables before you call “Fill”.