Files generated with root 6.14 not working in 6.00

I have generated events in root tree formate in GENIE mc which uses the root 6.14 version but I am not able to read those root files in the root 6.00 version.
Does anyone have a solution to this?

ROOT Version: 6.14
Platform: centos 6
Compiler: Not Provided

Out of curiosity, why do you need to read with such an old version of ROOT? Can’t you update the read size with a newer version of ROOT?

To help determine if the files can be read, can you clarify how the reading is failing?

The “Important notice” on the 6.14 release notes may explain the issue. In short, the compression algorithm was changed for that version and it may not be readable by 6.00.

I am using a central cluster system of my institute that is running on centos 6 and for centos 6 root 6.14 is not available.

the error I am having is as-
Error R__unzip_header: error in header
Info in TFile::GetStreamerInfoList: cannot find the StreamerInfo record in file /c11scratch/dwraikwal/Genie_works/genie_data/atmo_ino_1000GeVnumu.root
Error R__unzip_header: error in header


Do you really mean CentOS 6, or is it SLC 6?

There is an SLC 6 build of ROOT 6.14 (e.g. in LCG 94). If you really are on CentOS 6, you could try using this anyway, it might still work.

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