Filename completion over directories

Dear all,

When calling a function which takes a string argument on CINT,
an existing filename typed as the argument is completed by pressing a tab key.
But this does not work for files under a sub directory.

Suppose that we have “file1.root” and “file2.root” in current directory and
"file3.root" under “subdir” directory, the filename is completed like below.

root [0] TFile f("file1           <------- press tab
root [0] TFile f("file1.root"    <------- completed

But CINT does not seem to find “file3.root” under subdirectory.

root[0] TFile f("s                 <-------- press tab
root[0] TFile f("subdir/          <-------- directory name completed and type f
root[0] TFile f("subdir/f         <-------- press tab
root[0] TFile f("subdir/f         <-------- file3.root is not completed.

This is more than a little incovenient.
Is it difficult to enable the file name completion over directories?

Thank you.


The problem has been fixed in revision 30893 of the trunk.


Thanks a lot.
I’ll give it a try.