File reading error TBasket

Hi, I,'m reading a root file to fill histogram event by event.
When the event number pass over certain value, error message is appeared.
How can I fix it?

Following is the message.
Error R__unzip_header: error in header. Values: 05a

Error in <TBasket::ReadBasketBuffers>: Inconsistency found in header (nin=0, nbuf=0)

Thank you


thanks for reporting. Can you cite the exact number of events? Can you share the file and the code you use to fill the histo?


exact number of event is 40670
total events are 72050

For the file case it is in the group storage and very heavy.
so it is hard to put somewhere.

But I can share my code.
It is attached in this reply.

Thank you.ScaledMCeff.C (7.6 KB)

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