FFT inverse : Complex to complex

Hi everyone,
I would like to know how to make an inverse FFT Transform of a complex signal, and getting the Real and the imaginary parts in the output.
the FFT example show how to get the inverse FFT as a real output from a complex input.

//Now let’s make a backward transform:
TVirtualFFT *fft_back = TVirtualFFT::FFT(1, &n, “C2R M K”);
TH1 *hb = 0;
//Let’s look at the output
hb = TH1::TransformHisto(fft_back,hb,“Re”);
hb->SetTitle(“The backward transform result”);

In my case, I would like to give a complex signal and have in the output the FFT-1 in two parts real and imaginary.

Thank you in advance.

Hi!! Is there no one who has an answer to my question?? :blush: