Fedora 34 and gcc 11.1.1

ROOT v6-24-02
Fedora 34
gcc 11.1.1

I can’t compile ROOT. It seems to hang up on XROOTD, but I’m not sure.

I’m pretty sure I have all of the proper dependencies (cmake doesn’t complain).


Very weird. I checked the XROOTD log and apparently the fatal error was that the file ‘uuid/uuid.h’ was missing. I’ve never had this issue before.

Anyway, I installed ‘libuuid-devel’ and everything seems to be compiling just fine, even if it is taking forever. I’m a bit surprised no one has come across this problem before…

I would still like to know why I need to install this package seemingly out of the blue, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks.

Hi @dhorns ,
sorry for the trouble! Indeed several people have come across this problem before, see Search results for 'libuuid-devel' - ROOT Forum and uuid package missing from Fedora dependencies · Issue #502 · root-project/web · GitHub .

We currently list libuuid-devel as a build dependency at Dependencies - ROOT .

I am not sure what changed between Fedora versions, maybe uuid.h was part of a different package before or libuuid-devel used to be automatically installed as a transitive dependency.


Hi Enrico,

Thanks for your response. I guess I didn’t search in the correct place. And I missed the dependency because it was in the ‘optional’ list. I’ll know to look there next time.

But I’m glad it’s resolved.