Feature request: pkg-config support

I’m using cling headers and libraries on Arch, via AUR package. However, specifying cling directories isn’t elegant, I have to hardcode paths and libraries. I suggest adding a .pc file to the package, either directly to the cling-git AUR repository, or to the cling git repo. For example, this is currently working for me:



Name: cling
Description: Interactive C++ interpreter
Version: 0.4~dev
Libs: -L${libdir} -lcling -lclingInterpreter -lclingMetaProcessor -lclingUserInterface -lclingUtils
Cflags: -I${includedir} -I${includedir}/cling/UserInterface -fno-rtti

Could you help me with this? Is this forum the right place for this request, or shall I ask the Arch package maintainer directly?



Nice, sure!

Can you open a pull request with that at https://github.com/root-project/cling/pulls? Like that you show as the original author and we are sure we integrate it properly (e.g. file name and its location).

Where are ${prefix} picked up from? Should this file be generated by the build system?


This ${prefix} is specified by the aur package, as cling is installed there.

If all cling releases for all linux distros are installed to /opt/cling, it sounds fine to add it to cling repo. If that is the case, I’ll create the PR gladly.


I have no idea where cling is installed for distros. Maybe use the CMake variable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX? And yes, please submit a PR!


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