FC4 vs Scientific Linux

Dear Rooters

Could you give me some advice about the advantages/disadvantages of Fedora Core 4 vs Scientific Linux?
What is the preferred distribution of ROOT users and why?

The reason I am asking is that I am suddenly involved in a discussion which of these two distributions to use.

Thank you in advance


both systems are equally well supported by ROOT. At CERN all officially installed macines run SLC3, however one is free to also install FC4 on newer hardware if that is needed (for new drivers etc). E.g. I run FC4 on my dual core AMD64 and am quite happy with it.

Cheers, Fons.

Dear Fons

Thank you for this comment.

First, I must apologize for choosing the wrong forum item, probably I should have put my question
into “General Chat”.

Second, I forgot to explain my question a little more:
How well does Scientific Linux work as a desktop system for daily use in a non-physics environment,
where we often need to use the latest version of a software.
A good example is R with all packages (cran.r-project.org/) where the latest version can be
downloaded for FC4 as precompiled rpm package.
Other examples are the latest version of Postgres or of Perl with certain modules.

Best regards