Fatal X11 error using screen when closing files?

_ROOT Version: 6.16/00
Platform: Not Provided
_Compiler: g++

I was running code in the background using screen. My code saves histograms into root output, generates a few canvases, draws histograms on them, prints those to a pdf and then closes the root file. I set the batch mode so that no canvas pops up during running. But I still get this error message after printing canvas into pdf files :

The pdf file was successfully generated, but no histograms were saved to the root output. I guess it’s the closing root file part that went wrong? I hope if anyone can help me with this. Thank you!


Can you please provide more details? How do you set batch mode? When do you get the error message? Upon re-opening the file? Are you running over the network?


I ran the code for 9 hours in background using screen, and used gROOT->SetBatch(kTRUE) to set the batch mode so that when graphs are plotted the canvas doesn’t pop up. I get this error message at the very end at the TFile->Close() I think.
Though I found that I was running the code interactively using TRint, could this be the reason why I got the error in long term run? When I run the code with 20 mins it worked just fine.

Thank you so much!



Try with “root -l -b -q YourMacro.cxx” (see “root -h” for details).

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