Fatal root error in doing cmsRun for python file

HI Developers:
I m doing cmsRun my python file. I m getting the following error:
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'edm::Exception’
what(): An exception of category ‘FatalRootError’ occurred.
Additional Info:
[a] Fatal Root Error: @SUB=TFile::Flush
error flushing file TnP_Muon_ID_Data_Simple.root (Permission denied)
Please help me to understand this error.
Thank you


It seems to me you are trying to create/read a file in the directory where you don’t have the writing/reading permissions. Just try to check whether you can create something in this directory using a shell cmd:


where PATH/TO/OUTPUT_FILE is a path to the directory where your “TnP_Muon_ID_Data_Simple.root” suppose to be created/read.


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