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Fatal in <TFileMerger::RecursiveRemove>: Output file Hadd: 100Gb TTree



Hi, All

ROOT 6.15/01Built for linuxx8664gcc

I am trying to merge files .root with the command line hadd:

hadd data.root file1.root file2.root ...file20.root 

OBS: All files = 180Gb.

and I get the error message that say:

Fatal in <TFileMerger::RecursiveRemove>: Output file of the TFile Merger
 (targeting data.root) has been deleted (likely due to a TTree larger than

What I am trying to do to solve this is to set new size TTree::SetMaxTreeSize but is not working, I did:

root [0] TTree::SetMaxTreeSize(1000000000000LL); // 1TB
root [1] TTree::GetMaxTreeSize()
(long long) 1000000000000

Someone can help me to solve this.
Thank you very much,



This looks like a bug in TFileMerger class that performs the merging. I have filed ROOT-9851 to track progress in resolving this issue. Thanks for reporting.


Hi, amadio.

Thank you very much for the reply!