Fatal error while starting ROOT

ROOT Version: 6.30.04-1
Platform: Arch Linux
Compiler: Terminal?

Good morning, I am new to ROOT on a Linux machine. I have just installed the software via the pacman package manager (sudo pacman -Syu root) from the extra Arch repository, and I get these fatal errors while starting ROOT for the first time. In the Arch repository does exist another version of ROOT called root-cuda which uses the CUDA toolkit, but I don’t have an NVIDIA GPU, so maybe it’s useless trying to install that version. Can you halp me? I apologize for my bad English and also thanks in advance.


Thanks for the question and welcome to the ROOT Community!
First of all, no worries about your English (or the English of anybody else) on the Forum.

It seems that you did not install the compiler or the development environment (the file new cannot be found). Did you try to install the corresponding Arch “package” through pacman?


Thank you very much! I was sure I had installed the gcc compiler (usually is preinstalled). Now the program runs without errors.

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