Fastjet: How to run the jet-plot.C in the root?


I trying to use the macro jet-plot.C (from fastjet-3.3.0)
with input file .root

root [1] .L jet-plots.C+
Info in <ACLiC>: script has already been loaded in interpreted mode
Info in <ACLiC>: unloading /home/andre/fastjet-install/fastjet-3.3.0/example/root/./jet-plots.C and compiling it
$ ls
crmc_eposlhc_128001250_p_C_6500.root  jet-plots.C  jet_plots_C_ACLiC_dict_rdict.pcm  jet-plots_C.d  Makefile

I don’t know how to change the command below to show the jets.

root> showjets(filename [, label])

label what is?

Someone can help me?

Thanks in advanced.


This is a question for fast-jet and not ROOT. Fast-jet is not part of ROOT. I would ask directly to the fast-jet authors


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