Dear TMVA Experts,

Is there a way to use the FastBDT method with the TMVA?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jackb2,

I’m sure @moneta can help here, let’s ping him.


We have a class RBDT that computes fast evaluations of BDT. We don’t have an implementation of FastBDT (if you referring to the method described in [1609.06119] FastBDT: A speed-optimized and cache-friendly implementation of stochastic gradient-boosted decision trees for multivariate classification ) in ROOT/TMVA


Thanks a lot for the suggestion, J.

I see, Lorenzo, and thank you so much for your helpful suggestions.
Then, from your answer, it means that the results from using the “RBDT” is equivalent to the FastBDT results (but, right now, I still do not know how to use the FastBDT directly). Is this understanding correct?
Incidentally, I tried to ask ChatGPT about the FastDBT in TMVA, and it suggested me to use “TMVA::Types::kFastBDT,” but this suggestion did not work! So maybe ChatGPT sometime gives the wrong answer to us.

As I tried to do understanding your answer again…
(I might be wrong with my previous post)
The “RBDT” class is not equivalent to the FastBDT…