Fast Fourier Transform on TH1

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_ROOT Version:6.24/06
Platform: Ubuntu 20.4
Compiler: Not Provided


I want to run an FFT analysis on a TH1D I have. The documentation I found (ROOT: tutorials/fft/FFT.C File Reference), was not helpful and I still do not manage to understand and have it running.

What I want, is to have the frequencies and corresponding amplitudes of and spectra stored in the above mention TH1D.

Could somebody write a small example?

What I have in mind is a function that receives as input a TH1D, and the output is the set of frequencies and amplitudes.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dario_Ramirez,

You can find more documentation here. Additionally, many posts can be found in the forum about FFT; you should be able to use code shared by other users as an starting point.


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