Failed to open files on xrootd

Dear Experts,

Sometimes when I run over files located on xrootd system I experienced the following problem:

Error in TXNetFile::CreateXClient: open attempt failed on root://atl-xrdr//atlas/xrootd/atlasloca … kim.2.root

*** Break *** segmentation violation

I made sure this file still exists and its content (such as branch content) still looks fine by checking with TBrowser. It’s just I cannot open the file via xrootd proxy with TFile::Open(“root://atl-xrdr//atlas/xrootd/atlaslocalgroupdisk/user/eifert/data12_8TeV/user.eifert.data12_8TeV.00212142.physics_Muons.r4065_p1278_p1542.skim.2.130708024158/user.eifert.010200._00001.data12_8TeV.00212142.physics_Muons.r4065_p1278_p1542.skim.2.root”)
thus my code running on it will crash.

A fraction of the files on xrootd has the same problem while the others are fine. It made me a bit confused since they are DaTRied to the xrootd disk at the same time and are simple different runs of data.

I’m using ROOT version 5.28/00g. Does it look like a problem with xrootd? I appreciate any of your ideas on this!