Failed compilation with ROOT 5-34-11 Mac OSX 10.9

Hi all,

I’ve consistently had trouble compiling my code with Mac OSX 10.9, having followed all of the advice posted on this forum for ROOT 5-34-10 last week.

Today I successfully installed the latest ROOT version (5-34-11), but I see the same problem with my code during compilation. The specific error I see is when a dictionary is formed at the end of compilation, where I get the error:

Generating dictionary …
c++ -O -Wall -fPIC -g -W -pthread -stdlib=libc++ -m64 -I/usr/local/root/include -c /Users/donalhill/Documents/Code/Fit/src/EventDict.C -o
/Users/donalhill/Documents/Code/Fit/src/EventDict.C:16:10: fatal error:
‘src/RooLowMassPdf.C’ file not found
#include “src/RooLowMassPdf.C”
1 error generated.

The specific source file RooLowMassPdf.C is not important here, but rather the path to it including a “src/” I think, since EventDict.C already resides within src/ . The file EventDict.C is dynamically created during compilation, and I am unsure what is causing this step to fail under OSX 10.9 and the latest ROOT.

I notice in the release notes for 5-34-11:

“Added support for OSX 10.9 (Mavericks). OSX 10.9 comes only with the clang compilers and the new libc++ C++ run-time library. As libc++ is not compatible with libstdc++, third party C++ libraries have to be recompiled on 10.9 to be able to be used with ROOT.”

Perhaps if someone could elaborate on this more, that could be helpful.