Fail to use ROOT in Makefile on CERN lxplus cluster

I am trying to create a makefile and these errors have occurred:

[jhossain@lxplus136 run02]$ make -f make_corsika
rm -f *.o anacorsika_1 core
g++ -c `/bin/root-config --cflags` -Wall -DDPA -D_GNU_SOURCE
/bin/sh: /bin/root-config: No such file or directory error: TFile.h: No such file o

I am currently using Ubuntu 14.04 operating system.
Please give a solution to this issue.

Thank you very much.

But you are running that on lxplus, not on Ubuntu?

Which root version do you expect to use? You probably want to select one from /cvmfs/

Then set that up using . .../bin/ and invoke root-config without specifying a path in front.

Let us know if those instructions were not detailed enough and I’ll crank up the level of detail :slight_smile:

Cheers, Axel

…and anyway, of these are the problems you are struggling with then you should simply do

root -l

after renaming the function main inside into anacorsica_1().


I am running that on lxplus.Current root version is 5.34/36.

Should I reinstall root on lxplus though it was installed by default?

Thank you.

The version provided by the lxplus people is very old. They refuse to remove it, causing more problems than they solve…

You can take a much more recent ROOT e.g. from cvmfs:

log on to lxplus7 (not lxplus) and do:

ssh lxplus7
. /cvmfs/
root -l

Cheers, Axel.

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