Fail to get a filled histogram after using scale


Before I use scale to normalize the plot, it is a filled histogram. However, after I use it to normalize, those data are shown in lines and points automatically in the figure.
All the change in my code is adding
in the file.
No error or warning show up in the terminal.
How can I get a filled and normalized histogram at the same time?
Thank you.

_ROOT Version: 6.18
_Platform: linux

TH1F *tt_scaled = (TH1F*)(tt->Clone("tt_scaled")); // if "tt" is a "TH1F"
if (tt_scaled->GetSumw2N() == 0) tt_scaled->Sumw2(kTRUE);
tt_scaled->Scale(1. / norm_tt);

I add lines you suggest after the line
in my code, but the plot still with error bar, not the filled histogram.
Do I miss something?

Possibly: tt->Draw("HIST");

It was in my code already.
Nevertheless, I try the example: twoscales() in ROOTUserGuide, and I found that I can not get the same figure. In the example, the figure should be a consecutive red line, but when I compile the same code, the data shows in red dots with error bar.
Is it a problem with Root 6.18? Or just something I should setup beforehand since I install root on my computer on my own.

In the “twoscales” example, use h1->Draw("hist"); and hint1->Draw("hist same");

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It works! thank you for your help.

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