F77 missing from newer (6.08 onwards) CVMFS binaries of root

I would like to upgrade from 6.06.XX to 6.08.XX without having to compile sources… But newer binaries are compiled without fortran… could this be fixed in new versions?

In summary:
root: 6.04.12 CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER-NOTFOUND
root: 6.04.14 gfortran
root: 6.04.16 gfortran
root: 6.04.18 gfortran
root: 6.06.00
root: 6.06.02 gfortran
root: 6.06.04 gfortran
root: 6.06.06 gfortran
root: 6.06.08 gfortran
root: 6.08.00 CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER-NOTFOUND
root: 6.08.02 CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER-NOTFOUND
root: 6.08.04 CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER-NOTFOUND
root: 6.08.06 CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER-NOTFOUND
root: 6.09.02 CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER-NOTFOUND

Tool to list bad versions:

for i in `ls /cvmfs/sft.cern.ch/lcg/app/releases/ROOT/ | grep "6."`; do 
  source /cvmfs/sft.cern.ch/lcg/app/releases/ROOT/${i}/x86_64-centos7-gcc48-opt/root/bin/thisroot.sh
  echo "root: ${i} `root-config --f77`"

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