Extruding ellipse into circunference

I need to create a geometry representing a small portion of the LHC beam-pipe whose cross section starts as an elliptic shape and then, as one moves along the z axis, morphs into a circular one.

I’m aware of the existence of TGeoEltu, TGeoTube, TGeoXtru, but none of them suit my needs.

Is there a way to do this in ROOT?

The closest to a solution I got was the TGeoXtru class. It Allows to define a “blue print” polygon and specify several section planes via:

DefineSection (Int_t snum, Double_t z, Double_t x0=0., Double_t y0=0., Double_t scale=1.)

This could be useful if the one could specify scales separately for the x and y axis, or, if one could specify more than one “blue print” with the same number of vertices (this would be a more general solution).

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