Extremely Slow TBrowser Appearance

I just installed root on the new win7x64 i7 PC with 32GB RAM.
It is take about 15 min for TBrowser to appear, after I call it.
Why it get so much time to appear for TBrowser? How one can speedup TBrowser creation?
Many thanks. Igor.


I never had (and never heard about) such problem. What is the CPU usage during this time? Did you try to use the Resource monitor tool to see what’s happening?
Could you try to measure the time it takes to start a TBrowser, using gROOT->Time(), as shown below:

C:\Users\bellenot\rootdev>root -l root [0] gROOT->Time() Real time 0:00:01.669001, CP time 0.016 root [1] new TBrowser (class TBrowser*)0x26f52a0 Real time 0:00:01.092001, CP time 0.624 root [2] And BTW, this is a real example taken on my Windows 7 i5, 4GB laptop, with ROOT v5.34

Cheers, Bertrand.

Bertrand , thank you very much for your replay . Seems it is a hardware problem, I suspect that one disk of my new PC is damaged. I am validate my PC hardware and SW now.

After replacement of the damaged disk everything working fine.