External variables

Hi everybody,

How can I share a class or simply a variable between a compiled code and a macro which is supposed to run on the CINT? In other word, I would like the class (variable) to be an external class (variable).

An example will be highly appreciated.


Hello Masoud,

Since that is one of the main feature of CINT and ROOT/CINT,
there are lots of documentation and examples.

For ROOT, see following URL, root.cern.ch/root/CintGenerator.html

For CINT, see root.cern.ch/root/Cint.html. There are list of information at the bottom of this page. Click ‘Makecint’ and ‘Adding External Libraries’.

Thank you
Masa Goto

Hi Masaharu,

 Thank you vey much for the quick answer. I found it very useful.

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