External branch merging

I’m trying to add a pretty large feature to cling and in doing so have come across and fixed some issues/bugs encountered. I’ve been trying to do all the fixes on a clean branch of cling in hopes it can be integrated back in, but a few of the issues were quite large and I wound up dedicating a branch to them.

As I continue it’s gonna be a nightmare keeping this up, so I was curious if you accept patches or would merge from a branch I hosted on github? Otherwise how would one submit simple fixes that are no-brainers to merge?

There’s a quite a bit more than below, but if any of the following interest you or wanted to peruse the changes, let me know.

Calling Interpreter::loadFile from the .L command would lookup the file 5x and there was a chance what it decided was the file to load was different than what the interpreter loaded. (300x speedup, which is significant over a slower network drive)

Refactoring of utils::Meta classes that fixed a lot of syntax problems and made adding new commands easier.

Added .F command to load OSX frameworks.

I’d be very interested to see the patch! Could you send me the link for review whenever it is submitted?
Thanks a lot!

Ok, are patches submitted via ROOT at https://sft.its.cern.ch/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=project+%3D+ROOT+AND+component+%3D+Cling ?

Hm… I can see anything there. Is this the correct link?

No it was a question. Are you to create a ‘New Feature/Improvement’ issues there and submit patches?
If so can you submit a link to a remote git repo that gets merged in or will I have to rebase for every accepted patch?

We have a github clone here github.com/root-mirror/cling can you submit a pull request?

Ok thanks, easy additions submitted here:https://github.com/root-mirror/cling/pull/17.
We’ll see how that goes before submitting requests for more severe changes.

I still have to push some more recent commits to the other branches, but there’s still a lot to look through if you wanted.

Hi Marsupial,

I’m trying to add a pretty large feature to cling

Out curiosity what large feature are you working on?


The main goal is getting objective-c++ working (and better support on OS X in general).

But along the way I’m trying to get ‘undo’ working with stl headers and have the ability to add meta-commands at runtime.