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Expression weight could not be resolve to a valid formula

Hello TMVA Experts
im using TMVAClassification.C Script. I was looking at @moneta github, tmva-tutorial/notebooks at master · lmoneta/tmva-tutorial · GitHub
and from there i modified the script

void TMVAClassification() {

auto outputFile = TFile::Open("TMVA_ClassificationOutput.root", "RECREATE");

TMVA::Factory factory("TMVAClassification", outputFile,
                      "!V:ROC:!Silent:Color:!DrawProgressBar:AnalysisType=Classification" ); 

TString inputFileName = "/path/to/the/file.root";

auto inputFile = TFile::Open( inputFileName );

// --- Register the training and test trees

TTree *signalTree     = (TTree*)inputFile->Get("TreeS");
TTree *backgroundTree = (TTree*)inputFile->Get("TreeB");

TMVA::DataLoader * loader = new TMVA::DataLoader("dataset");

// global event weights per tree (see below for setting event-wise weights)
Double_t signalWeight     = 1.0;
Double_t backgroundWeight = 1.0;
// You can add an arbitrary number of signal or background trees
loader->AddSignalTree    ( signalTree,     signalWeight     );
loader->AddBackgroundTree( backgroundTree, backgroundWeight );


loader->AddVariable( "myvar1 := Jet.PT+Jet.Eta", 'F' );
loader->AddVariable( "myvar2 := Jet.PT-Jet.Eta", "Expression 2", "", 'F' );
loader->AddVariable( "Jet.Phi",                "Variable 3", "GeV", 'F' );
loader->AddVariable( "Jet.Mass",                "Variable 4", "GeV", 'F' );

// You can add so-called "Spectator variables", which are not used in the MVA training,
// but will appear in the final "TestTree" produced by TMVA. This TestTree will contain the
// input variables, the response values of all trained MVAs, and the spectator variables
loader->AddSpectator( "spec1 := Jet.PT*2",  "Spectator 1", "GeV", 'F' );
loader->AddSpectator( "spec2 := Jet.PT*3",  "Spectator 2", "GeV", 'F' );

//  We can define also the event weights

// Set individual event weights (the variables must exist in the original TTree)
//    for signal    : factory->SetSignalWeightExpression    ("weight1*weight2");
//    for background: factory->SetBackgroundWeightExpression("weight1*weight2");
loader->SetBackgroundWeightExpression( "weight" );

// Apply additional cuts on the signal and background samples (can be different)
TCut mycuts = "abs(Jet.PT)<200 && abs(Jet.Eta-0.5)<1"; // for example: TCut mycuts = "abs(var1)<0.5 && abs(var2-0.5)<1";
TCut mycutb = "abs(Jet.PT)<200"; // for example: TCut mycutb = "abs(var1)<0.5";

// Tell the factory how to use the training and testing events
// If no numbers of events are given, half of the events in the tree are used 
// for training, and the other half for testing:
//    loader->PrepareTrainingAndTestTree( mycut, "SplitMode=random:!V" );
// To also specify the number of testing events, use:
//    loader->PrepareTrainingAndTestTree( mycut,
//                                         "NSigTrain=3000:NBkgTrain=3000:NSigTest=3000:NBkgTest=3000:SplitMode=Random:!V" );
loader->PrepareTrainingAndTestTree( mycuts, mycutb,
                                    "nTrain_Signal=4000:nTrain_Background=2000:SplitMode=Random:NormMode=NumEvents:!V" );

// Likelihood ("naive Bayes estimator")
factory.BookMethod(loader, TMVA::Types::kLikelihood, "Likelihood",
                           "H:!V:TransformOutput:PDFInterpol=Spline2:NSmoothSig[0]=20:NSmoothBkg[0]=20:NSmoothBkg[1]=10:NSmooth=1:NAvEvtPerBin=50" );

// Use a kernel density estimator to approximate the PDFs
factory.BookMethod(loader, TMVA::Types::kLikelihood, "LikelihoodKDE",
                           "!H:!V:!TransformOutput:VarTransform=D:PDFInterpol=KDE:KDEtype=Gauss:KDEiter=Adaptive:KDEFineFactor=0.3:KDEborder=None:NAvEvtPerBin=50" ); 

// Fisher discriminant (same as LD)
factory.BookMethod(loader, TMVA::Types::kFisher, "Fisher", "H:!V:Fisher:VarTransform=None:CreateMVAPdfs:PDFInterpolMVAPdf=Spline2:NbinsMVAPdf=50:NsmoothMVAPdf=10" );

//Boosted Decision Trees
factory.BookMethod(loader,TMVA::Types::kBDT, "BDT",
                   "!V:NTrees=200:MinNodeSize=2.5%:MaxDepth=2:BoostType=AdaBoost:AdaBoostBeta=0.5:UseBaggedBoost:BaggedSampleFraction=0.5:SeparationType=GiniIndex:nCuts=20" );

//Multi-Layer Perceptron (Neural Network)
factory.BookMethod(loader, TMVA::Types::kMLP, "MLP",
                   "!H:!V:NeuronType=tanh:VarTransform=N:NCycles=100:HiddenLayers=N+5:TestRate=5:!UseRegulator" );




//We enable JavaScript visualisation for the plots
//%jsroot on

auto c1 = factory.GetROCCurve(loader);



But when i run this i got the error

Can some one tell me where is the issue and how to fix.
Thanks in Advance.

Just a guess , not an expert here but from the doxygen :

 void TMVA::DataLoader::SetBackgroundWeightExpression( const TString& variable) 
    DefaultDataSetInfo().SetWeightExpression(variable, "Background");

THe DefaultDataSetInfo needs to know the variable you want to use as weight i believe.
I wonder if you need to first AddVariable and then SetWeightExpression with an expression containing the “weight” expression content.

Also, as the commented code says:

// Set individual event weights (the variables must exist in the original TTree)
//    for signal    : factory->SetSignalWeightExpression    ("weight1*weight2");
//    for background: factory->SetBackgroundWeightExpression("weight1*weight2");

weight variable need to exist in the original tree. Is that the case ?

Thanks for your response.
Yes, the weight variable exist in the tree.

I think there is an issue with the variable weight in the tree. Can you please post the full log, that should include the print-out of the background tree (not just the signal tree)


Thanks for your reply
the file is very heavy and having large number of branches in each tree. i am unable to post it here. can you please provide me your email id so that i could share the file with you.

It would be enough for the time being you send me the log file produced by TMVA.
For the file if it is big you can send me a link (from cernbox or dropbox or Google drive, etc…).
You can use the direct message from the Forum



Hi sir
filelog.txt (120.8 KB)


From the log I see there is no weight variable in the Tree, there is Event.Weight or a Weight.Weight


Thank You so much sir for your help, it works and i fix the error.
Thanks again