Executing ROOT UI elements within a shared library


I’m working to integrate the ROOT C/C++ interpreter in a programming language framework that allows the embedding of ROOT scripts.

I developed a shared library (in C++) that executes lines of code.

The execution works as expected by using the following lines of code:

   Int_t exit_code = -1;
   gROOT->ProcessLine(code_str, &exit_code);

The code runs without errors also for UI elements, but they are not displayed.

I’ve 2 questions about this issue:

  • How to handle a TApplication instance (Event loop) within a shared library? I guess a dedicated thread instance is required

I tried the following:

 TApplication app("app", &argc_root, argv_root);
(...execute the lines of code stated above...)
  • What considerations need to be taken to guarantee performance and speed when gROOT is executed within a shared library (Thread safe? static loading?)

Thank you very much

ROOT Version: 6.28/06
Platform: macosxarm64
Compiler: clang-1403.

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