Executing root in a non standard path \ \( \)

At my university we just get Dropbox professional.
I installed it and it automatically rename my “Dropbox” to “Dropbox (personal)”. (the other one is Dropbox (UFL).

I was developing some work inside ~/Dropbox/myproject/Waveform_test_3.C
so now it’s ~/Dropbox (personal)/myproject/Waveform_test_3.C

When I execute root (root Waveform_test_3.C) I have the following error:
[color=#FF0040]Processing Waveform_test_3.C…
warning: cannot find function ‘Dropbox()’; falling back to .L[/color]
It recognize it as a function …

How can I keep using dropbox? Is there a workaround for this problem?
Thank you for your help

Try to rename them to “Dropbox_personal” and “Dropbox_UFL” (use only standard ASCII characters in any names and no “whitespace characters” inside, no “parentheses”, …).