Event selection and binning in TBrowser

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I am currently working with the following B3a_Analysis_149_ID.root and B3a_Analysis_0_ID.root files which contains leaves, specifically I am interested in the ‘bounce’ leaf.

First, I open the B3a_Analysis_149_ID.root file from the terminal using the command:

root [0] new TBrowser("B3a_Analysis_149_ID.root")

and I see, correctly, this distribution with 10e7 entries:

Now I want to select ONLY the event with “Vol_ID == 0” so from the starviewer:

Works. Now, I want to plot on it the same distribution coming from the B3a_Analysis_0_ID.root. How can I do this from GUI?

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I resolved using the command “SAME” for every files.

How can I add the legend and modify it?

Right click with the mouse in the bottom left of the canvas (in the white area OUTSIDE the graph and axes), and click on Build Legend.

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Works. Can I change the bin number afterwards?

To rebin after drawing, you can click on Tools, Editor, click on a Hist, and tune the Binning.

To rebin before drawing, write in the StartViewer window e.g. “htemp(1000,0,1000)” in the box before clicking on the Draw icon.

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Thanks for your help. Work perfectly.

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