"Event" Program Memory Increase


I’m writing a program similar to the Event.cxx example in the release. I noticed that the memory kept increasing as the the executable runs. The command:

tree->SetMaxTreeSize(Long64_t(10000000)); // I set it to 10MB to test

doesn’t seem to relieve the situation. As I assume there is no memory leak in the program how can I limit the memory consumption?

I’m running with the default split 1 and compression 1 option. Thank you very much in advance.


Since you do not indicate which version of ROOT you are using, I assume it is 4.00/08 or newer. The Event program does not show a memory leak.
What is the difference with Event?
What you describe is the typical symptom of a leak in a user class.
If you do not find the leak, please send the shortest possible file
that I can run to reproduce the problem.


Hi Rene,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I was running on an older version of Event. There is no memory leak in the 4.00 version.

However, I do have a memory leak problem with a slightly varied usage of Event. The attached file has my implementation. Once you untar the file, README.TXT describes each file and my intention for each program. Basically, I want to strip out needed information from a bigger tree and make an ntuple which is structurally close to Event.

I’d really appreciate your help on this.

JZEvent.tar.gz (40.3 KB)