Event Manager not streaming Geometry scene

Hello I am a first year college physics student and I want to setup the display of a simplified detector/particle tracking system. The script I describe below ran into a snag and as I am in the initial stages of learning the ROOT package, I could use some help.

My intent is to display a cylindrical geometry and a few random particle tracks, however the attached script is not rendering my cylinder, only the particle tracks. (see attached script => pbr_4trk.C (3.1 KB) , and output => pbr_4trk-output.txt (2.5 KB) , and geometry file => CylGeo.root (7.5 KB) )

Specifically the Event Manager is issuing this message:

‘’’ EVEMNG … streaming scene [Geometry scene]
sending json, len = 634
NOT sending binary, len = 0 ‘’’

and even in the Event Visualization Environment I am unable to toggle the view on.

I am certain there are more efficient ways of approaching this, please feel free to recommend a completely different approach. Since I am at the very ground level (I read the Basic-Course slides, perused the Class Reference Docs, etc.) any specific suggestions, or brief general pointers to put me on the right track are appreciated.

Additional point: as you can see, I am saving my geometry to file, but I can see that the object is already present in the ROOT browser. What would be a way of referencing it directly without having to go through the saving and rereading step?

Thank you for you time!

ROOT Version: 6.22/02
Platform: Debian 10
Compiler: g++/gcc version 7.3.0 (crosstool-NG

@linev could you please take a look or maybe suggest who can help here?


Yes, it is indication of the problem. Zero binary size here means that no any points from geometry scene transported to the client. I am not an expert how to correctly create all shapes and volumes for REveManager class, but did you try to follow event_demo.C example? It has function makeGeometryScene() where some primitive shapes are created. As I can see, one should use REveGeoShape class. Probably, there is a way to convert existing TGeoManager into REve classes.

More detailed information you may get from our REve experts - @alja and @matevz, but please take into account 9 hours time zone shift compared to European time.

@oshadura Do you need to create geometry using TGeoManager? If not, you could create TGeoShape directly without TGeoManager https://github.com/alja/root/blob/varcol-multi/tutorials/eve7/event_demo.C#L209-L219