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Hello, is it possible to export anything from the EVE viewer? I’ve loaded in a GDML file and want to export as CAD, however exporting vertex positions would be good if that is not possible. Or does anyone have a converter of any kind?

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Nope, you won’t get anything out of EVE / ROOT-GL … other than by capturing GL commands on a window, there are some tools that do that. If you have CSG / Boolean shapes, this is for sure not the best way to get them into CAD.

I think there was a project long ago (5+ years?) to export CAD from TGeo (or something else, I don’t remember as I wasn’t really involved) … @agheata might know what came out of that.


OK - thanks for the info. I’m playing with the GDML plugin for FreeCAD but its having problems with some volumes…

Hi, we supported in the past a converter to CAD based on OpenCascade, the last tag having it being 6-16-00. Here is an example of usage: https://github.com/root-project/root/blob/v6-16-00/tutorials/geom/geo2stp.C

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