EVE Units and documentation

I have a few quick questions…
Is there any documentation of the units used w.r.t. the EVE classes? For example, Tesla vs Gauss or cm vs m etc…
Where is the best EVE documentation (other than the code)? Is there a users guide?


Hi Whit,

I guess the only place where units actually matter is TEveTrackPropagtor – it’s written for cm, Tesla and GeV (Geant 3 units, basically … used now by ALICE and CMS, too). I’m not entirely sure, magnetic field orientation might not be standard … but all you have to do is invert it.

The latest overview paper is:
pos.sissa.it//archive/conference … 08_103.pdf
linked from here:

There are some quite complex demos in $ROOTSYS/tutorials/eve/.

Other than that … you are most welcome to post questions :slight_smile: