EVE: Multi-head MultiView?


Probably a question for Matevz: I’m considering setting up a three-head display using some extra monitors sitting around our work area here. What I think would be an excellent application for utilizing such a setup would be something using the EVE MultiView class for an event display using the full three screens (center for the 3-D view, and the left and right can display the RhoZ and RPhi views). Would ROOT have the software for pulling off something like that? Has there been any similar prior work (even if only in development) on working with multi-head in ROOT?

Matthew Lockner

Hi Matthew,

In principle you can just use TEveWindow classes (they are used in the MultiView.C tutorial but you have to undock the views and maximize them on different screens) – that is one of its main purposes :wink:

Of course, you can directly create the viewers in undocked windows:
TEveWindowSlot *slot = TEveWindow::CreateWindowMainFrame();
TEveViewer *viewer = gEve->SpawnNewViewer(“Name”);

See also TEveWindow::UndockWindow(), this is available from the Actions menu in the top-right of an EVE window.


Interesting. Sounds like it’s time to start rounding up spare video cards!

Thanks again,
Matthew Lockner