Eve: How to set the focus to a editor tab at startup


In eve one can design an editor for a class, i.e. we have this “editor” tab on the lower left panel, when an object of the corresponding class is selected. By default, a “Style”-tab is created.
Now I have created a new tab, say “myTab”. How can I set the focus to this tab (I mean this tab shall be displayed instead of the “Style”-tab), when I click on the class object for the first time?

Thanks in advance!


At the moment you can’t … the first tab will always be shown (unless the object of the same class was selected before … in this case the same tab will remain active).

Eventually we could extend the TGedEditor to allow:
a) renaming the first tab
b) choosing the default tab

If you’re willing to help, take a look at TGedEditor and TGedFrame classes.


Hello Matevz!

I have just found a solution: The object of the editor itself saves the index of the selected tab… in the call of SetModel the corresponding tab is set.

However, it is a really good idea to be able to set the “default tab”.

If I have time, I will have a look at those classes and send you my suggestions.