EvaluateMulticlass output zero

Dear tmva users,
I have trained DNN model using TMVA with ROOT6.18 version.The model can application normally with ROOT6.18, reader->EvaluateMulticlass( “DNN_CPU method” ) can output right result. But when I run it with ROOT6.20,the output is all zeros! I am extremely perplexed as to why changing the ROOT version would result in the same program being unable to produce the correct output.

Thanks a lot!

Dear @yhao ,

Let me invite @moneta to help you.

Dear @vpadulan @moneta
Now I find that even the DNN model(AnalysisType=multiclass) trained on ROOT6.20 or 6.28, when I application it in the version after 6.20, the output is 0, but the correct result can be output in 6.18, 6.16

Do you have any new ideas?
Thanks a lot!