Errors with some root files


I have issues while running Geant4 simulations that I think are linked to ROOT.
It seems that, sometimes, my ROOT output files are corrupted. When I try to read them I have the following message : Warning in TFile::Init: file <path…> has no keys. Then crash.
The files seems to be empty, they are all around 300 B while normal files are hundreds of kB.

It seems that up to half of the files are corrupt. I’m running multiple simulations at once, up to 50-100 separate instances dispatched over 32 cores. Is it possible that it comes from memory issues or disk access issues ?
Or do you think it is most likely an error in my program ?

ROOT version : 6.24.06

It seems that your Geant4 application crashed for these files (i.e. it opened them but then it “died” without closing them).
Well, it could also be that your disk is full or you reached some “disk quota” (if your file system uses them).

I don’t think applications died, I generate a log file and all application seem to go to 100 %. And I call rootfile->Close() at the end of each run. I’m going to try again and see if all applications are correctly terminated.

Concerning disk quota, there is 1.7 TB left, so I think it should be fine :wink:

edit: it seems you are right, older applications are dying when I launch too much of them. I guess I’ll just have to reduce my number of simulations running at the same time

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