Errors in graphics when ssh-ing between Linux--> Mac OS in v6.22.06

I have some code that reads in a GDML and displays it in a browser. I run the code on a Linux machine and am ssh-ing into the machine from MacOS10.14.6. This worked fine in v6.20 but recently I upgraded the remote Linux machine to use root v6.22.06.

I had to make sure to include this class in my source code:ROOT: TVirtualX Class Reference so I believe there have been some changes in how ROOT handles graphics.

Anyway, now instead of displaying the GDML in the browser I am seeing this issue:

Error in TPluginHandler::SetupCallEnv: method “TGeoPainter not found in class TGeoPainter
Error in TGeoManager::GetGeomPainter: could not create root geo_painter

I think it might be due to some conflict between the Linux and mac graphics interfaces…but that is just a thought.

Has anyone else seen this in most recent ROOT, and how would I overcome this?

I don’t think this is related to any change in how ROOT handles graphics, but maybe @agheata can give some advice

Ok, if it helps narrow down the issue we built the new code with root7 enabled…could that be a cause?

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