Error with vectors?

Hi, today trying to figure out the solution to this problem:

I have discovered an interesting fact. My programme is simply:

 void ProvaErrore(){
 vector<vector < double > > vettore(40);

ProvaErrore.C (201 Bytes)
when I try to run it with .x ProvaErrore.C is ok. But when I run it the second time I exit from root:


Instead if I write only this:

 void ProvaErrore(){
 vector<vector < double > > vettore;

everything good:

This works for me with the master (like with your other topic)

And I confirm it doesn’t work with 6.18.04

The master?

So it is not my problem, isn’t it? Have I to update root?

I’ll check and let you know.

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Well, it seems that the problem is more complex. I’m debugging it…

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So the problem is still there in the master. The good news is that I have a working version, so one of my changes will solve the issue. Now I have to figure out which one it is…

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