Error with .pcm files

Dear all,

I am not able to resolve the following problem. I have ROOT 6.02/05 (macos 10.10).
I compiled many libraries of WAT (c++ libs) and then I try to load them in root. I have the following errors:

Loading WAT : /Files/CWB_osx_clang_6/WAT/trunk/tools/install/lib/ …
Error in TCling::RegisterModule: cannot find dictionary module wave_dict_rdict.pcm
Loading Frame : /Files/CWB_osx_clang_6/FRAMELIB/libframe-8.21 …
Loading STFT : /Files/CWB_osx_clang_6/WAT/trunk/tools/install/lib/ …
Error in TCling::RegisterModule: cannot find dictionary module STFT_dict_rdict.pcm
Loading gwat : /Files/CWB_osx_clang_6/WAT/trunk/tools/install/lib/ …

etc …

I loaded othere libraries without problem.
I don’t find what to do with these files? How to create them?

Thank you for your help

Hi Filipe,

Did you move the pcm files into the same directory as the shared library containing the dictionary?


Hi Filipe,

the dictionary generators, genreflex and rootcling, generate pcm files.
How did you create the dictionaries for WAT?


Merci Danilo et Philippe,

The makefile I was using didn’t copied the .pcm files to the right place. I found the files after your comments.

I had the same problem (Root-6.03.03), I moved the pcm files into my library location, after starting Root message is gone, but I can’t use dictionary. I have the same code compiled on another machine with Root-5/34.10 and it works.

In my code, I have a namespace called RootTools with a set of functions inside. On root-5 I typed RootT[Tab] and the name was completed and list of functions available. The same on root-6 results with nothing.

Moreover, on root-6 when I type “RootTools::[tab]” then output is:

[quote]RootTools::Error in TClass::LoadClassInfo: no interpreter information for class RootTools is available eventhough it has a TClass initialization routine.

ROOT_prompt_0:1:1: error: ‘RootTools’ is not a class, namespace, or enumeration
ROOT_prompt_0:1:1: note: ‘RootTools’ declared here
ROOT_prompt_0:2:1: error: expected unqualified-id
The same works correct in root-5.

Ok, loading header by hand with #include helped. With root-5 worked without it.


At the moment the header files needs to be available at run-time (so the include path known to ROOT may not have configured correctly). When the underlying feature in clang (pre-compiled module) work properly, we will be able to lift this restriction/requirement (and return to the v5 behavior in that regard).


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