Error with ATLAS_LABEL in python2

Hello everyone,

When I am trying to run my python file to produce Plots , I encountered an error saying;

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./x”, line 325, in
File “./x”, line 160, in EventLoop
File “./x”, line 234, in PrintUncertaintyPlots
ATLAS_LABEL(0.195,0.885," Simulation Internal",1,0.13); #ATLAS_LABEL(0.195,0.885," Simulation Internal",1,0.13);
TypeError: void ::ATLAS_LABEL(double x, double y, short color = 1) =>
takes at most 3 arguments (5 given)

Please can someone help me to resolve this problem?

Hi @aelmouss

You are calling ATLAS_LABEL with 5 arguments, but it expects only 3.

ATLAS_LABEL(0.195,0.885," Simulation Internal",1,0.13)

void ::ATLAS_LABEL(double x, double y, short color = 1)

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