Error while trying to open ROOT!

I am getting the following error while trying yo open ROOT in terminal root 6.28/02

/home/g_vikas_raj/Downloads/root/bin/root.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

was working fine until now!

Dear @Vikas_Raj ,

Thanks for reaching out to the forum!

That looks like either your ROOT installation was corrupted (you moved some parts of it or tried to re-install but didn’t finish properly) or maybe you updated your OS and that is causing the issue (less probable).


What can I do now to resolve this?
Thank you!

Hi @Vikas_Raj ,

Well, which one is it? Can you give us more information? What happened between the last time you remember ROOT working on your machine and now?

In any case, it looks like you need to reinstall. Let me take this opportunity to strongly suggest you to install using an easy installation method such as Installing ROOT - ROOT


I don’t remember messing around with root files. It was working fine yesterday. Today, all I did was upgrade fee packages on Ubuntu.

I think if I just reinstall this then.
Can I just reinstall the old version again?

Root files as in files in the root folder

Probably this is the cause of the problem.

You can reinstall any version you like, but again I strongly suggest you use an easy installation method such as conda (the link I sent above) to install the latest stable version of ROOT


I see
Thank You!

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