Error while loading shared libraries: in HTcondor

Dear sir/madam,

I’ve got a strange problem on htcondor (or maybe g++).

I wrote a cpp code and compile it with g++, such as 'g++ fullspan.cpp -o fullspan root-config --cflags --libs. When I run on linux bash using “./fullspan”, it works well. However when I submit it to htcondor, it tells me “error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

My code was ok on htcondor before. But I tested vscode cpp&python extensions on recently , and now it seems in a totally mess. I don’t know whether this problem is resulted by vscode extensions.

Btw, when I submit my previous compiled program to htcondor, it also works well. If I submit my new compiled program using same cpp code to htcondor, it returns such error. Many thanks if someone can help me!

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_ROOT Version: ROOT ROOT 6.20/06
_Compiler: g++

Sorry I find where the problem is.
I add two line in the .bashrc which is:
source /cvmfs/
source /cvmfs/

I remove these two lines and all are ok.

@phoenixAspies can you print, please what is an output root-config --cflags --libs in case of submission to htcondor? it seems for me that ROOT is not available there…