Error while loading my class in eventloop

Hi all,

Package.AsgTools.Compo...ERROR   /build1/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/AnalysisBase/main/athena/Control/AthToolSupport/AsgTools/Root/AsgComponentConfig.cxx:285 (StatusCode asg::{anonymous}::createComponent(std::unique_ptr<asg::AsgComponent>&, const std::string&, const std::string&, const std::string&)): Unable to load class dictionary for type MyAnalysis::MyxAODAnalysis
Package.EventLoopComp_...ERROR   /build1/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/AnalysisBase/main/athena/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDTools/AnaAlgorithm/Root/AnaAlgorithmConfig.cxx:89 (StatusCode EL::AnaAlgorithmConfig::makeAlgorithm(std::unique_ptr<EL::AnaAlgorithm>&, const EL::AlgorithmWorkerData&) const): Failed to call "makeComponentExpert (algorithm, "new %1% (\"%2%\", nullptr)", true, "")"
Package.EventLoopComp_...ERROR   /build1/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/AnalysisBase/main/athena/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDTools/AnaAlgorithm/Root/AnaAlgorithmWrapper.cxx:73 (StatusCode EL::AnaAlgorithmWrapper::initialize(const EL::AlgorithmWorkerData&)): failed to create AnaAlgorithm: MyxAODAnalysis
AlgorithmStateModule     ERROR   executing initialize on algorithm MyxAODAnalysis
Package.EventLoop        ERROR   /build1/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/AnalysisBase/main/athena/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDTools/EventLoop/Root/Worker.cxx:535 (StatusCode EL::Worker::processEvents(EL::EventRange&)): Failed to call "module->onInitialize (*this)"
DirectInputModule        ERROR   /build1/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/AnalysisBase/main/athena/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDTools/EventLoop/Root/DirectInputModule.cxx:66 (StatusCode EL::Detail::DirectInputModule::processInputs(EL::Detail::ModuleData&, EL::Detail::IInputModuleActions&)): Failed to call "actions.processEvents (eventRange)"
Package.EventLoop        ERROR   /build1/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/AnalysisBase/main/athena/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDTools/EventLoop/Root/Worker.cxx:445 (StatusCode EL::Worker::processInputs()): Failed to call "module->processInputs (*this, *this)"
Package.EventLoop        ERROR   /build1/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/AnalysisBase/main/athena/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDTools/EventLoop/Root/Worker.cxx:769 (StatusCode EL::Worker::directExecute(const SH::SamplePtr&, const EL::Job&, const std::string&, const SH::MetaObject&)): Failed to call "processInputs ()"
Package.EventLoop        ERROR   /build1/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/AnalysisBase/main/athena/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDTools/EventLoop/Root/DirectDriver.cxx:81 (StatusCode EL::DirectDriver::doManagerStep(EL::Detail::ManagerData&) const): Failed to call "worker.directExecute (*sample, *data.job, data.submitDir, data.options)"
Package.EventLoop        ERROR   /build1/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/AnalysisBase/main/athena/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDTools/EventLoop/Root/ManagerData.cxx:67 (StatusCode EL::Detail::ManagerData::run()): while performing manager step 14
Package.EventLoop        ERROR   /build1/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/AnalysisBase/main/athena/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDTools/EventLoop/Root/ManagerData.cxx:68 (StatusCode EL::Detail::ManagerData::run()): on submission directory /afs/
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/afs/", line 54, in <module>
    driver.submit(job, submission_dir)
cppyy.gbl.std.runtime_error: string EL::Driver::submit(const EL::Job& job, const string& location) =>
    runtime_error: failed to submit job
Info in <xAOD::TFileAccessTracer>: Sending file access statistics to

Please help me fix this error. Scripts can be looked at Ashish Sehrawat / MyAnalysis · GitLab

I am trying to load my class into the eventloop but see this error. I think it is related to root dictionary. Please guide me through how to fix it.

Many thanks in advance.

we’ll try to do our best to help you out!

It would be nice if you could explain how to reproduce your error with your code. Also, what version of ROOT are you using? how did you install it? on which platform?


Hi @mdessole

I am using ROOT on lxplus.

root --version
ROOT Version: 6.30/06
Built for linuxx8664gcc on Apr 25 2024, 00:00:00
From heads/master@tags/v6-30-06.

It was installed following the standard instructions given on the ROOT website. My cern account was recently moved from cms to atlas, not sure if it helps. To reproduce this error, you can do cmake …/source/ from the build directory or python from the run/ directory. The script exist in the share/ directory. Full repository can be accessed from the link in my question. Please let me know if more info is needed.

Basically, running any xAOD analysis job on lxplus using the ATLAS software framework is showing this error. Maybe there could be an issue with my CMakeLists.txt file or I am missing necessary headers files.


Hi Ashish,

xAODs are ATLAS-specific. You will have better luck asking at an ATLAS forum instead (which you already did here). I suggest you reply to Attila’s questions there.

Hi @yus ,

I think, I never posted on the atlas forum, can you please let me the know the link where you found my question so that I can reply to Atilla?

Thank you!


The link is in my previous post. The name of the person who asked the same question at the ATLAS forum yesterday is the same as yours, Ashish Sehrawat. So I assumed it was you :slight_smile:

I can not access the link that you provided in your previous answer, it says that page doesn’t exist.

Maybe, @mdessole can help me on this forum.

I don’t know why that might be. Anyway, you asked the same question yesterday by emailing the list (ATAT=@), and ATLAS experts replied and asked some follow-up questions. You will need to figure out a way to access their replies and to continue the discussion. You could ask your colleagues or your supervisor to see if they can access the link I provided above.

It would be helpful if you could isolate your error, proving a small reproducer instead of your full project. This would be useful also to figure out whether the issue is related to ROOT or not.

The basic framework of the project that I am building can be found at,

I only need to know if I have to include the class that is mentioned in .h and .cxx scripts into the job sequence in the python job script (Sign in to CERN), what do I need to do? More instructions about this atlas tutorial can be looked at ATLAS Analysis-based Software Tutorial | Analysis-based Software Tutorial

Any guidance is highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

What I meant before is that you should try to figure out where in your code the error is occurring and then try to reproduce it in another script without involving the rest of your software framework, otherwise it can be very difficult or even impossible for us to tel…