Error while confring root with pythia

hello everyone,
I am new to root and pythia both, i am trying to configure pythia8210 with root6.12.04 i am
using ubuntu 20.04, 64bit.

WARNING: Ignoring invalid option “–enable-shared”.
WARNING: Disabling ROOT - binary rootcint missing.
WARNING: Disabling ROOT - binary root-config missing.
WARNING: Disabling ROOT - header TH1D.h missing.
WARNING: Disabling ROOT - library Cint missing.

can anyone help me to solve this error . Thanks in advance.

It looks like pythia is not finding your ROOT version. Did you set the ROOT environment, for example running the script $ROOTSYS/bin/ ? (where $ROOTSYS is your top level root installation directory)


Now issue has been resolved
thanks for your reply


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