Error while compiling root 5.28 on mac os x

Dear All,

I downloaded the sources root version 5.28.
I try to compile it for my mac os x 10.5.8
with gcc version 4.0.1 (my arch is a i386 so I guess 32 bit version).
Here the configure I have done:

./configure macosx --enable-qt --with-qt-incdir=/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.6.0//include --with-qt-libdir=/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.6.0/lib

Then I try to make and every think looks like ok except at (I suppose to be) the link phase:

g++ -dynamiclib -single_module -undefined dynamic_lookup -install_name @rpath/ -O2 -m32 -mmacosx-version-min=10.5 -o lib/ cint/cint/src/g__cfunc.o cint/cint/src/config/strlcpy.o cint/cint/src/config/strlcat.o cint/cint/src/config/snprintf.o cint/cint/main/G__setup.o cint/cint/src/Api.o cint/cint/src/BaseCls.o cint/cint/src/CallFunc.o cint/cint/src/Class.o cint/cint/src/DataMbr.o cint/cint/src/FastAllocString.o cint/cint/src/Method.o cint/cint/src/MethodAr.o cint/cint/src/Shadow.o cint/cint/src/Token.o cint/cint/src/Type.o cint/cint/src/Typedf.o cint/cint/src/auxu.o cint/cint/src/bc_assign.o cint/cint/src/bc_autoobj.o cint/cint/src/bc_cfunc.o cint/cint/src/bc_debug.o cint/cint/src/bc_eh.o cint/cint/src/bc_exec.o cint/cint/src/bc_inst.o cint/cint/src/bc_item.o cint/cint/src/bc_parse.o cint/cint/src/bc_reader.o cint/cint/src/bc_type.o cint/cint/src/bc_vtbl.o cint/cint/src/cast.o cint/cint/src/debug.o cint/cint/src/decl.o cint/cint/src/disp.o cint/cint/src/dump.o cint/cint/src/end.o cint/cint/src/error.o cint/cint/src/expr.o cint/cint/src/fread.o cint/cint/src/func.o cint/cint/src/gcoll.o cint/cint/src/global1.o cint/cint/src/global2.o cint/cint/src/ifunc.o cint/cint/src/inherit.o cint/cint/src/init.o cint/cint/src/input.o cint/cint/src/intrpt.o cint/cint/src/loadfile.o cint/cint/src/macos.o cint/cint/src/macro.o cint/cint/src/malloc.o cint/cint/src/memtest.o cint/cint/src/new.o cint/cint/src/newlink.o cint/cint/src/newsos.o cint/cint/src/oldlink.o cint/cint/src/opr.o cint/cint/src/parse.o cint/cint/src/pause.o cint/cint/src/pcode.o cint/cint/src/pragma.o cint/cint/src/quote.o cint/cint/src/random.o cint/cint/src/rflx_gendict.o cint/cint/src/rflx_gensrc.o cint/cint/src/rflx_tools.o cint/cint/src/scrupto.o cint/cint/src/shl.o cint/cint/src/sizeof.o cint/cint/src/struct.o cint/cint/src/stub.o cint/cint/src/sunos.o cint/cint/src/tmplt.o cint/cint/src/typedef.o cint/cint/src/val2a.o cint/cint/src/value.o cint/cint/src/var.o cint/cint/src/winnt.o cint/cint/src/dict/Apiif.o cint/cint/src/dict/stdstrct.o cint/cint/src/dict/gcc4strm.o -ldl
ld: duplicate symbol _getopt in cint/cint/src/winnt.o and cint/cint/src/macos.o
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [lib/] Error 1

Moreover, something strange for me is when I type make clean I’ve got this echo:

make clean ARCH=x86_64_macosx --no-print-directory
Make clean done.

The ARCH seems to be x86_64 even if I say during the configure phase macosx (32 bit version isn’t it ?) #-o

Do you know what is going wrong ?

By advance thank you

Hi Olivier,

Do you still have the problem with v5.29/02?


Hi Philippe,

where can I get this version v5.29/02 ? I will try with RC, version 5.30/00-rc2 hope is ok too ?
thank you

PS :
I just seen your message, I don’t received any email when someone post an answer …
Where can I change this in my User Control Panel . :unamused:

I try with 5.30/00-rc2.
I think the problem is coming from the configure file and more precisely in the 64 or 32 bits detection
line 1105
if [ “$arch” = “macosx” ]; then
if [ sw_vers | sed -n 's/ProductVersion://p' | cut -d . -f 2 -ge 5 ]; then
if sysctl machdep.cpu.extfeatures | grep "64" > /dev/null 2>&1 ; then
I don’t think this detection of the arch is correct so I commented those lines to force the make to be on a 32 bits machine (root is still compiling).
Why not using simply this bash variable : $HOSTTYPE ?

ok I have successfully compiled root version 5.30/00-rc2.
The problem is in the configure file and the detection of
the arch (64 or 32 bits) type for mac os x system
Thank you