Error while compiling [gcc4.9.3] [ROOT6.03/02]

I am trying to compile ROOT6.03/02 with gcc4.9.3 in my ArchLinux OS with the following configuration:

But I get the following error:

In file included from /home/luigi/programs/gerdasw/root/math/mathmore/src/GSLNLSMinimizer.cxx:19:0: /home/luigi/programs/gerdasw/root/math/mathmore/src/GSLMultiFit.h: In member function ‘const double* ROOT::Math::GSLMultiFit::Gradient() const’: /home/luigi/programs/gerdasw/root/math/mathmore/src/GSLMultiFit.h:146:38: error: ‘struct gsl_multifit_fdfsolver’ has no member named ‘J’ gsl_multifit_gradient(fSolver->J, fSolver->f,fVec); ^ /home/luigi/programs/gerdasw/root/math/mathmore/src/GSLMultiFit.h: In member function ‘const double* ROOT::Math::GSLMultiFit::CovarMatrix() const’: /home/luigi/programs/gerdasw/root/math/mathmore/src/GSLMultiFit.h:157:45: error: ‘struct gsl_multifit_fdfsolver’ has no member named ‘J’ int ret = gsl_multifit_covar(fSolver->J, kEpsrel, fCov); ^ make[2]: *** [math/mathmore/CMakeFiles/MathMore.dir/build.make:344: math/mathmore/CMakeFiles/MathMore.dir/src/GSLNLSMinimizer.cxx.o] Error 1 make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:14106: math/mathmore/CMakeFiles/MathMore.dir/all] Error 2

Any hint on what could be the problem? I was pretty sure having success in the past trying to do exactly the same thing…

You are using GSL version > 2.x and this version of ROOT was not supporting it. Please use a more recent version of ROOT (>= 6.06/02)