ERROR vectors in branches not recognised by ROOT

Dear all

I will need urgently your help please. I am building a qt app in which I have the root libraries linked. The program (large) compiles correctly but once I am executing a command to make the branches of a TTree with vectors I get the following errors and the data are not written into the ntuple:

I have read about the issue that I need to generate a dictionary but I was not able to solve it.

I have made a loader file which I placed in the project area with the following lines in:

// File loader.C #include <vector> #ifdef __MAKECINT__ #pragma link C++ class vector<vector<double> >+; #pragma link C++ class vector<int>+; #endif

I run it with .L loader.C+ and also added the line
gROOT->ProcessLine(".L loader.C+");

to my main() function and I see that the .so & .d files are produced but the error persists. I think it’s because I don’t link the .so ?

Can anybody help please ?

Best Regards,

Testing the code over and over again I see that root 5.28 works perfectly fine without any dictionaries. So it something with the versions after it…