Error: Unable to find FitPanel plug-in

I have a problem opening the FitPanel on an histogram:

Unable to find The FitPanel plug-in 

Do you have any suggestion?


ROOT Version: 6.24/06
Platform: CentOS7

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already done but the post concern on 6.22 or on ubuntu versions
I tryed to reinstall from epel-release but the results are the same
I’m unable to open a FitPanel on any histogram

How did you install ROOT?

from the application panel included in the grub environment

but last time with the command

$ yum install epel-release
$ yum install root

Well, it looks like an incomplete installation. Maybe a Linux user can help more than I could…


Maybe @eguiraud has an idea?

Hey, I’m not a CentOS user but I know that ROOT is split up in many packages there. Try running yum search root and check whether any of the root-* packages might include the feature.


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Thanks Enrico,

I’ve searched with

$ yum search root | grep fit

and found:



$ yum install root-gui-fitpanel.x86_64

and it now works.

Thanks again.

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